Our Parish
A Place to Call Home

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Saint Mary Magdalen Parish.

Whatever brings you here today — if you are seeking a new church home or have been away from church for a long time, or if you are a long time parishioner — we are blessed to have you worship with us.  We hope you will explore our vibrant parish.

I have always had a great admiration for Saint Mary Magdalen for her steadfast love for our Savior.  Now in my sixth year at Saint Mary Mag's and our first year at our new worship space, I am so thankful that God has led me to minister to such a giving and loving family.  It is my hope that we, as a parish community, can continue to explore the charism of the selfless and timeless woman that is Saint Mary Magdalen – and that by her vision we are led to continue to make a difference in our lives, our families, our community and the world.

To give you but a few examples of the uniqueness of St. Mary Mag's, we were founded over ten years ago to meet the needs of recovering and struggling independent catholics.  Through the direction of the National Catholic Church and the work and sacrifices of our founders, Rob and Mother JoEllen Werthman we now have a strong church built in the timeless traditions of our faith.  We provide nourishing meals for over a thousand people a year through our Food With Friends ministry each year.  Weekly collection of food helps to share our blessings with more vulnerable families in our community.  It is clear they have found something that speaks to them.  Our church is as joyful, meaningful, and responsive as the committed parishioners at its heart.

Please let me, your Parish staff, or anyone attending Mass know how we can help you learn more about St. Mary Mag's – and if the Spirit moves you, how to become a member.

Peace and All Good,

M. Rev. Jim Sherlock, C.F.S.C., D.Min., D.D.